Apple iPhone bumper case cover - RAINBOW colours (Apple iPhone 4) + screen protector
Only $19.95
Cheerful rainbows
SCREENGUARD - Nokia 6720 Screen Protector (Nokia Mobile Phone)
Only $10.95
On SALE for only $5.00
Small price. High screen protection!
Apple iPhone leatherette flip case - Black (Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 4) + screen protector
Only $22.95
Carbon fibre protection
Apple iPhone 4 hard cover - Metallic Silver (Apple iPhone 4) + screen protector
Only $18.95
Sexy Silver bling
GOLLA Phone / MP3 bag pouch - BLACK (mobile phones, iPods, MP3)
Only $16.95
On SALE for only $12.95
Grab One Today!
Apple iPhone TPU flexible cover - Translucent BLUE (iPhone 3GS 3G)
Only $14.95
Hardy, flexible & scratch resistant
Samsung Galaxy silicone skin - CLEAR Gloss/Matte (Samsung Galaxy S II) + screen protector
Only $18.95
Keep your gadgets protected, clean and shiny
MOPHIE Juice Pack AIR hard case battery 1500mAh (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4) - White
Only $99.95
On SALE for only $90.95
External battery case for iPhone 4S & iPhone 4
iKLEAR Travel Singles Cleaning Kit (iPads, iPods, iPhone, mobiles, MP3s, displays, screens)
Only $29.95
On SALE for only $19.95
The most recommended cleaning kit
SUMAJIN Smartwrap - cord tidy (single: Red)
Only $9.95
Grab one now!
POSSEPOUCH Croc Elite - BROWN phone pouch (mobile phone, PDA, iPod)
Only $19.95
Perfect for many mobile phones
SCREENGUARD - HTC Desire HD Screen Protector (HTC Mobile Phone)
Only $10.95
On SALE for only $6.95
Small price. High protection!
Apple iPod touch TPU flexible cover - Translucent PINK (iPod touch 3G)
Only $12.95
On SALE for only $10.95
Hardy & scratch resistant
Apple iPhone 4 silicone skin - BLACK Gloss/Matte (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4) + screen protector
Only $20.95
Black 2-tone gloss and matte silicone
Universal Car Mounting Kit (iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, PDA, GPS)
Only $12.95
Versatile mount kit for your vehicle
Apple iPod nano TPU silicone skin (6G iPod nano) + screen protector
Only $14.95
On SALE for only $10.95
Easy, all-round protection for your iPod nano
Apple iPad Starter Kit (iPad 2) TPU flexible cover (WHITE) + screen protector & stylus
Only $24.95
On SALE for only $22.95
Sturdy & Stylish iPad 2 protection
PHONEPOCKE Coco - Brown Pink phone pouch
Only $18.95
On SALE for only $10.95
Rosy Coco
Apple iPhone 4 Polycarbonate crystal rear cover - BLACK raindrops (iPhone 4S, 4) + screen protector
Only $16.95
Minimalistic iPhone protection
MOPHIE Juice Pack AIR hard case battery 1500mAh (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4) - Black
Only $99.95
On SALE for only $90.95
External battery case for iPhone 4S & iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4 silicone skins 2 pack - Red & White (iPhone 4) + screen protector
Only $24.95
Bright, cheerful, fun
MARWARE MicroShell for iPod touch - BLUE (iPod touch 3G)
Only $34.95
On SALE for only $26.95
Minimalistic iPhone protection
4MAC CoolCase iPhone silicone skin GRAPHITE (iPhone 3GS)
Only $22.95
On SALE for only $18.95
Sleek iPhone protection
Universal Car Auto Charger Kit - USB / 30 pin (iPad, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, MP3)
Only $12.95
Keep your gadgets charged!
SUMAJIN SportPocket armband - Black with Pink
Only $21.95
On SALE for only $18.95
For funky, active people

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Make Your Own Mobile phone, MP3, iPhone & iPod covers

DIY : MYO : Brush Up on Your Craft Skills

Make Your Own from: Knitting | Felt | Duct tape and other adhesives | Paper

We are collecting patterns, tips and ideas from all over the world. Make your own covers from a range of materials.

You are limited only by your imagination, and perhaps skill... Look at it this way, if once you've made them, they're not something you'd use yourself, pass them off as a "made with love" gift!

Check out these alternatives to commercial mobile phone, MP3, iPod and digital camera pouches.

Knitting & Crocheting

This is just one of many knitting patterns available for making iPod covers, cell or mobile phone covers. Though, it's a great one to start with!
knit an iPod cover

With the world crazy about iPhones, we couldn't go past this fun iPhone cover! Of course, this one is actually an iPhone replacement, filled with foam, but I can't see why you couldn't just pop your own iPhone into it instead? (Note you may have to make a few size adjustments if you want a knited iPhone 4 cover).

knit an iPhone

Or how about this one?
knit an phone cover All free Crafts

All cute knit your own covers and pouches for mobile phones, MP3s, iPhones and iPods.

Do you learn better by video? If you would prefer to watch video instructions - check this one out from VideoJug: Knit and iPod cover


Check out how to have felt fun, you can make a brand new iPod cover from felt:
Make a felt iPod cover

Here's another very easy felt pouch for you to try. You could add any style appliqué design on the front you wanted...
Make a felt iPod cover Crafty Daisies

Or this one - very pretty indeed:
Make a felt iPod cover Craft Bits - well done Lara

Duct Tape

For the MYO cover with a slight building site or macho twist, why not make a duct tape case for your iPod nano? For those of you who want a cheap, durable, cool-looking case without spending money, use this guide.

Of course, these steps provide a pattern or template, which could actually be used for any material you wish!


Use this free online pattern generator for many models/sizes of Apple iPod. For a bit of fun, you can create your own iPod cover by uploading photos, images or whatever you like. Maybe you could then cover in clear contact?



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